Founded in 2020

Critiquing Society

Our History was formed in April 2020, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, to engage with the current issues in Irish and international society. As a not-for-profit outlet, we are committed to providing accurate, stimulating and unfiltered news and opinion without consideration for commercial interests.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

As believers in an unashamedly egalitarian society built on solidarity, fairness, social progress and equality of opportunity, one of our aims will be to highlight the ills and inequities in today’s world by producing informed, unapologetic critiques of society. In doing so we will always stave off the deceptive, but admittedly comforting, allure of viewing issues through an ideological lens.

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A Voice for Society

What we can do

Highlight income inequality

We are living in a society where the economy works for the few but not the many. A large amount of wealth is held by a small proportion of the popuation, while many remain poor with no prospect of things changing.

Work towards ending discrimination

Racism and other forms of discrimination are still prominent in our society. We need people to speak out if this is to change. stands agains discrimination of all forms, be it race, gender, disability or otherwise.

Provide a counterweight to social media

Social media is a blessing and a curse. It has eased communciation between all parts of the world but has also led to the promulgation of societal poison. We aim to provide a counterbalance by offering a platform to  members of members of the public to facilitate the sharing of informed opinion and analysis which is in accordance with our mission. 

Create content without commercial interest

It is an unfortunate matter of fact that the mainstream media has increasingly come under commercial pressure as revenues have migrated from newspaper sales to online ad clicks. This has led to phenomena such as clickbait and a lesser emphasis being placed on creating quality content. is a non-commercial outlet and aims to stay that way, and thus will not be affected by these issues.

Offer a platform for citizen journalism

We are of the opinion that serious, citizen journalism is underrepresented in the current Irish media landscape. As strong believers in the democratic ideal that there is an informed public out there we want to change this. As such, we welcome you to offer your contributions to by contacting us through social media (links available at the top of your screen), or by contacting us via email.


Our Volunteers

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Roland Baldwin